Common Mistakes with the Checkout Pages That Should Be Avoided

Although your potential customers are convinced about the product on your website, it doesn’t necessarily mean they would end up buying the product even if they intend to. The most common reason here can be the checkout page. Checkout page is the crucial point of buying process, and therefore it needs to be convenient for the buyer.

Having that said, there are a few mistakes which remain worth mentioning in order to provide business owners with the very information they need to avoid buyers jumping off the checkout pages.

Displaying extra costs at checkout

There is no doubt that every online purchase involves extra costs buyers have to pay. But if you are mentioning these costs only at the checkout page, you are probably going to lose the customer. The reason is that extra costs like, shipping costs and taxes can sometimes be higher. If you mention these costs at checkout page, it would make huge addition in the cost which would appear when customer first sees the product and get convinced. Therefore, there should be a way to display the extra costs before checkout page.

Another fact that you need to keep in mind is that mentioning costs only at checkout page might make your buyer to feel being deceived. It’s not good for your business’s credibility.

Compulsion to create account

There are a fair number of buyers who abandon purchase only because the checkout pages require them to create an account in the website. This issue is the serious unlike it looks like. Therefore, an easy idea here is to allow the buyers to continue as guests. You would surely have nothing to lose if the purchasing process is a straightforward one.

But allowing the buyers to buy as guests can be difficult when there are other matters like refund, return and exchange are involved. In that case, you can make account creation quite easier by allowing your buyers to use their social media account to sign up. This way, they will be able to create accounts with the help of a couple of clicks.

Complicated checkout process

You may be enthusiastic about providing your buyers with the extra array of options while they buy the product, but complicating and making the process lengthy can turn out to be the top reasons for the people to abandon the idea of purchasing from your site, leading you to have digital marketing disadvantage. Thing that can go wrong with the complicated checkout process is that the buyer would not be able to figure out about the best options to select.

Hence, you will need to make the checkout process easier and shorter for the buyers. If you think that there should be more options, you can introduce a feature named ‘additional options’.

The trust seals

Getting the SSL certificate might not be enough for you win the trust of your buyers. Buyers are pretty concerned about entering their bank account details and credit details while they shop. So, they can certainly quit the idea of shopping if they do not trust you. Therefore, adding a credible trust seal should be among your top priorities.